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Our Services

Santa Fe’s Oldest Established Chimney Sweeps. 


Our Services

Santa Fe’s Oldest Established Chimney Sweeps. 


We supply everything you need for the enjoyment. proper function, and safety of your fire.

We do all chimney repairs major and minor. With a wide variety of options, Casey’s Top Hat Chimney Sweeps are able
to meet your needs and deliver the satisfaction that you are looking for. We have the technical experience and
know-how to handle any job you need. Come to us for regular maintenance, repair and troubleshooting.

The National Fire Prevention Association recommends that you have your chimney inspected annually to meet safety and
maintenance standards and to check the structural integrity of your chimney.  It is important to insure that you have
a safe, well-maintained chimney as a valuable part of your home.

Looking for a reputable company with a long history of professional services and customer satisfaction?  Our services
are available within a 40 mile radius of Santa Fe such as Los Alamos, Espanola, Pecos, Las Vegas and Cochiti. We have
built a solid reputation through hard work and excellent customer service.

We are Licensed and Insured.

An important annual maintenance chore is making sure your dryer vent is clean. It doesn’t take long for lint to build up in vents, and when it does, you have a serious fire hazard, as well as an ineffective dryer. Does it take forever to dry  your clothes? 

Save that electric bill and have us check  and clean your dryer vent when you have your chimney cleaned!


We make a full, 20 point inspection of your chimney and fireplace and, if needed, we thoroughly clean it. The inspection is an important part of the process, and even if you haven’t used your chimney much over the previous season(s), a good inspection is strongly advised. Our extreme freeze-thaw cycles wedges apart our stucco, our roofing and yes, our fireplace flues. The extreme heat of your fire on each brick and each flue tile is expanding and contracting, see-sawing the mortar out from between your bricks. We check for cracks in the flue which can be the source of dangerous house fires, since when the integrity of the flue has been breached, flame and sparks can reach the structure of the house (often dry, timber frames) and cause a house to burn down – sometimes long after an actual fireplace has been extinguished.


Cleaning the chimney involves brushing with wire brushes to remove all soot and debris, spiders webs, leaves, and anything else that can accumulate in your chimney over the season. Inside the fireplace, we remove all soot from the fireplace itself, the damper, and from behind the damper, in the firebox itself. Everything is carefully vacuumed, and we use drop cloths and tape to make certain your home is safe from the damaging effects of the soot.

Creosote Removal

Sometimes, when either poor quality or unseasoned wood is used, we find an accumulation of creosote. This is the homeowner’s nightmare, as creosote is what causes the most chimney fires, and is extremely dangerous if left untreated. A creosote related chimney fire is a frightening experience, and will very likely cause extensive damage to your chimney, shattering flue tiles and potentially causing a house fire very quickly. When we find creosote, we offer a special service for its removal, using chains and a power drill. There is an additional charge for this service.

Spark Arresting Chimney Caps

All chimneys should have a spark arresting cap in place. Although they’re not code in New Mexico (they are in some states) a chimney cap has many functions. Firstly, it prevents hot embers and sparks from escaping your chimney. With some of the expensive plastic roofs in Santa Fe, this alone is a good reason to use one. But of course the danger of fire is another. Santa Fe gets very dry at times, even in Winter, and we have to do what we can to make sure we protect the environment, not to mention your home itself!

Wind Directional Units

Some homeowners find that their fireplaces blow smoke back into the house. There can be a number of reasons this can happen, but one certain factor is the effect of wind on the top of your chimney. This is where a wind directional cap comes into use. These clever devices make sure that your fireplace is constantly drawing, even as the wind direction changes. They’re an excellent investment, and will improve the draw of any fire.

Chimney Extensions

A cheaper alternative to a wind directional cap is a chimney extension. Talk to us about what’s happening with your fire, and we’ll advise you the best route to take.

 Capital South the fireplaces are often only one layer of brick with no ceramic liner. Each individual brick is expanding and contracting with every fire see -sawing the deteriorating mortar from between the bricks. At Casey’s Chimney Sweeps we clear away excess mortar and fabricate a high quality stainless steel liner which is  held and sealed at the base with a special high strength concrete. To prevent heat transfer and to strengthen the old flue we pour a high grade chimney insulation between the deteriorated flue and the new stainless steel liner. This insures your peace of mind for a lifetime, relaxing in front of Your fire.

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