Chimney Cleaning and Inspection.


We make a full, 20 point inspection of your chimney and fireplace and, if needed, we thoroughly clean it. The inspection is an important part of the process, and even if you haven’t used your chimney much over the previous season(s), a good inspection is strongly advised. We check for cracks in the flue which can be the source of dangerous house fires, since when the integrity of the flue has been breached, flame and sparks can reach the structure of the house (often dry, timber frames) and cause a house to burn down – sometimes long after an actual fireplace has been extinguished.


Cleaning the chimney involves brushing with wire brushes to remove all soot and debris, spiders webs, leaves, and anything else that can accumulate in your chimney over the season. Inside the fireplace, we remove all soot from the fireplace itself, the damper, and from behind the damper, in the firebox itself. Everything is carefully vacuumed, and we use dropcloths and tape to make certain your home is safe from the damaging effects of the soot.

Creosote Removal

Sometimes, when either poor quality or unseasoned wood is used, we find an accumulation of creosote. This is the homeowner’s nightmare, as creosote is what causes the most chimney fires, and is extremely dangerous if left untreated.A creosote related chimney fire is a frightening experience, and will very likely cause extensive damage to your chimney, shattering flue tiles and potentially causing a house fire very quickly. When we find creosote, we offer a special service for its removal, using chains and a power drill. There is an additional charge for this┬áservice.