We supply everything you need for the enjoyment. proper function, and safety of your fire.

Spark Arresting Chimney Caps13860 HS Pro 14607 13x13 on Chimney

All chimneys should have a spark arresting cap in place. Although they’re not code in New Mexico (they are in some states) a chimney cap has many functions. Firstly, it prevents hot embers and sparks from escaping your chimney. With some of the expensive plastic roofs in Santa Fe, this alone is a good reason to use one. But of course the danger of fire is another. Santa Fe gets very dry at times, even in Winter, and we have to do what we can to make sure we protect the environment, not to mention your home itself!

Wind Directional Unitswind-directionsal-flue-cap-air-cooledwind-dir-raincap

Some homeowners find that their fireplaces blow smoke back into the house. There can be a number of reasons this can happen, but one certain factor is the effect of wind on the top of your chimney. This is where a wind directional cap comes into use. These clever devices make sure that your fireplace is constantly drawing, even as the wind direction changes. They’re an excellent investment, and will improve the draw of any fire.

Chimney Extensions

A cheaper alternative to a wind directional cap is a chimney extension. Talk to us about what’s happening with your fire, and we’ll advise you the best route to take.